KHMC Tipster Competition 2013/14

For those of you that wondered what was keeping so many people interested in Stoke vs West Brom last season at Keymer & Hassocks Men’s Club, we have the explanation in the Tipsters competition. This is a football prediction competition that not only gives you the chance to win prizes every week and at the end of the season but raises about £1,000 a year for charity.

The Tipsters competition is back from this Saturday

The Tipsters competition is back from this Saturday

Last season we gave substantial amounts to Hassocks Juniors Football Club and to Help for Heroes and we’ll be aiming to do more to support local football and other causes this season. The Tipsters is a great source of conversation and banter in the Club and kept about 40 of us occupied through last season. We’d love to have more of you taking part so if you fancy having a go, please read on.

How Do you join in? All you have to do is predict the scores in the selected matches each week, predict the number of goals that will be scored in those matches – this doesn’t necessarily have to be the same as adding up your scores. Then you answer the eight simple questions that have been set and you predict four goalscorers from the selected games. A form for the first weekend of the Premiership is attached.

Please have a look through and if you fancy having a go, do. It will cost you £2 a week if paid for over the bar or, preferably, a tenner for five weeks paid direct into the bank account via online transfer if done via e-mail. The Organiser’s email address and the bank details are at the bottom of this post.

Most of the time we are asked to predict the scores for Premiership games but there will be occasions when the internationals are on and we have to ask you to predict scores in the lower leagues.

The Tipsters is done weekly and we keep a league of entries as well, so that we can award prizes to the ultimate winners at the end of the season. Each week the winner of the competition gets £20, the runner-up £10 and the third place predictor £5. Prizes at the end of the season can be much higher, depending on how many of you are taking part.

The competition rules are quite simple – they start with the understanding that the organiser is always right and they end with the understanding that the word of the organiser is final.

Bank details for those wishing to pay direct are as follows:
Sort Code: 40-61-98 Account number: 40773293

KHMC Tipsters Week One Entry Form (Word Document)

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